5 Boiler Care Tips For Winter

hand adjusting radiator valve

Your boiler care is important. As we’re going into winter, you’re going to want to start turning the heating on to keep warm. Before you start blasting your heating, here are a few boiler care tips to keep your boiler running smoothly this winter.

Turn boiler on.
Before turning the boiler on, check your radiators are bled so you are getting an accurate indication that your boiler works. Once your radiators are bled and you have switched on the boiler, if your house heats up, you know that your boiler is working fine.

Insulate pipes.
With dropping temperatures, there is a chance your pipes can freeze, rendering your boiler useless. Making sure they are insulated is important because it can prevent freezing or your boiler failing. It’s easy enough to do, all you need is some pipe lagging from your local DIY shop and you’re good to go.

Carbon Monoxide.
Boilers with faults can often start producing carbon monoxide, a dangerous and almost undetectable gas. It has no taste or smell, so there is no chance you could detect it without a carbon monoxide alarm.

Regularly check pilot flame.
It must be a strong blue, and if it’s a yellow colour instead, there could be something wrong. This is a sign that you may have a carbon monoxide problem, but can also mean your boiler is experiencing some issues.

Annual service.
It goes without saying, but you should regularly service your boiler. Getting someone out annually should help keep your boiler in working order. When summer comes around, you should take the opportunity to get someone out to service your boiler. Having an annual service is key when it comes to boiler care and maintenance.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about boiler care. Call us on 0800 193 3006 and we’ll see how we can help.

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