Signs you need a boiler replacement

Boilers don’t last forever, despite how much we would like them to. Here are a few hints that you need a boiler replacement.

It’s old, I mean really old
If your boiler is over 10 years old, you really need to replace it. Most boilers only last up to 10 years. Even if your boiler is working fine, you may still want to a boiler replacement. Old boilers can’t always keep up with today’s technology, so updating would be beneficial.

Making increasingly small repairs
Repairing your boiler frequently for small, benign issues may just be putting off the inevitable. So it’s time to make a change. Getting a new boiler will save you more money in the end, as the cost of small repairs will start to build up as time goes on.

Strange noises are coming from your boiler
Your boiler shouldn’t make much noise. If it does make a noise, it should be a constant low hum. Anything else could be a sign of boiler faults or damage. Any faults or damage could lead to needing a boiler replacement, so keep your ears peeled.

Your heating bill is higher
If your boiler is on its last legs, it may be overworking itself to keep up with your heating needs. A boiler replacement will not only reduce costs and increase efficiency, but you also have more control over your energy contract.

Blue flame looking a little less blue
If the blue flame in your boiler is yellow, this could because of a boiler fault. This could be a sign of carbon monoxide, which is an almost undetectable dangerous gas. You should have a carbon monoxide alarm in your house, but if you don’t, a yellow flame could be a big indicator.

If you’re looking for a boiler replacement, or just have some questions about your current boiler, call us on 0800 193 3006.

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