Radiators and why you should bleed them

Is your heating on but your home not warm? There’s a chance you may need to bleed your radiators. This simple task will make all the difference this winter.

It’s important to bleed radiators because air can be trapped, displacing the water. All you need is a radiator key, which you can get from any DIY shop.

Make sure your boiler is switched off before bleeding your radiator.

At the top of your radiator, there should be a ‘bleed screw’, with your radiator key, turn the bleed screw anti-clockwise. There should be a hissing sound, which is the air being released.

You’ll know when it has been bled completely, as the hissing will stop and there will be a small trickle of water. At this point, you turn the bleed screw clockwise to tighten it.

Now your radiator is bled, you can turn the heating on and enjoy the full power of your radiators.

If this hasn’t made a difference and your radiators still aren’t heating up, the problem could be within your system. Call us on 0800 193 3006 and we’ll be happy to help you find the problem.

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