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There are certain conditions and exclusions which limit your cover; please read the policy and policy schedule carefully to ensure it meets your requirements.


Your policy is a boiler and controls repair only policy and does not cover you for the replacement of the boiler or for boiler maintenance, both of which are your responsibility. While it is not a condition of your policy for your boiler to have had an annual boiler service completed, you are required to maintain the boiler and controls in good working order. We reserve the right for the engineer to refuse a repair where the breakdown is due to the lack of maintenance.


Where we are unable to repair the boiler or where we do not fix a breakdown because the cost of repair exceeds £500 (including VAT charged at the relevant rate at the relevant time), we will cancel your policy and settle the claim for the lowest of:

  1. The aggregate payments you have made in the twelve months to the date of cancellation;
  2. The payments you have made since your policy was reinstated if you have failed to pay a payment when due;
  3. The payments you have made since the last repair was completed under your policy.

We hope you are happy with the cover this policy provides. It is important that you read these terms and conditions carefully, together with your schedule, as they form the basis of your policy with us. If you have any questions or anything is incorrect please call our administrator, Aigburth Plumbing and Heating on 0151 923 9567. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and 8am – 5pm on Saturdays. Aigburth Plumbing and Heating administers the policy, manages all claims and holds premiums, refunds and any claims monies on behalf of the insurer. Aigburth Plumbing and Heating therefore cannot give you independent advice. To improve the quality of our service, calls to Aigburth Plumbing and Heating may be recorded.



The following words shall have the meanings given below wherever they appear in bold.

Boiler and Controls – A natural gas central heating boiler installed within the home and the pump, thermostatic valves, motorised valves, cylinder thermostat, and the time, pressure and temperature controls.

Breakdown – A mechanical or electrical malfunction (which is not a reoccurring or intermittent fault capable of repair under the terms and conditions of this policy) which results in the boiler and / or controls in your home no longer working in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and requiring a repair which is not covered by a manufacturer’s, supplier’s or installer’s guarantee or warranty.

Call Out – A request for a repair from you to Aigburth plumbing and heating, following a breakdown of the boiler and / or controls.

Cost of Repair – Aigburth plumbing and heating’s assessment of the likely open market cost, including VAT charged at the relevant rate at the relevant time, of making a repair, including all call out and labour charges and costs of replacement parts, if carried out by a suitably qualified and competent engineer.

Engineer – A Gas Safe registered tradesperson approved by us and instructed by Aigburth plumbing and heating to undertake a repair under the policy.

Excess – Where you have selected to pay a contribution to the cost of each call out the details of the amount you have agreed to pay before the engineer will attend will be shown on your policy schedule.

Excluded Period – A period expiring on the date which is the latest of the following dates:

  1. The start of cover date of your policy;
  2. The date which is 21 days after the date your home is no longer classed as being unoccupied.

Home – A domestic dwelling including integral garage which is your permanent private place of residence for which you have provided the address details as shown on the schedule and which is:

  1. Situated in England, Scotland or Wales
  2. Your principal and main residence and
  3. Has a maximum of 5 bedrooms.

Issue Date – The day your policy was sold to you as shown in the schedule.

Payment(s) – The agreed amounts payable by you as shown in the schedule.

Repair – The work undertaken by the engineer during a call out to return the boiler and / or controls to working order following a breakdown.

Schedule – The document sent to you confirming the issue date, whether this is an annual or monthly policy, details of the insured, the home, the payments and when they are due, the excess (if any) and the make of boiler.

Start of cover date – The date which is the later of:

  1. 21 days after the issue date or
  2. The date you have selected for your direct debit payment to be made.

Unoccupied – Where no one has resided in the home for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days.


In the event of you notifying Aigburth plumbing and heating of a breakdown we will, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, arrange a repair where the breakdown first occurs after the excluded period.

Aigburth plumbing and heating will:

  1. Confirm the details of your policy with you. Please ensure you have your policy document with you when contacting Aigburth plumbing and heating;
  2. Discuss the details of the fault with you to assist in assessing the nature of the fault. In some instances, it may be possible to provide assistance without sending an engineer;
  3. Arrange a day and time for an engineer to visit your home, where the fault cannot be rectified over the phone. Aigburth plumbing and heating  and the engineer will have the discretion as to when and how work is undertaken. This will be based on the details provided by you. Whilst we will make all possible efforts for the engineer to attend at the time agreed, there may be circumstances which prevent an engineer attending at or soon after the agreed time, in which case we will contact you to make an alternative appointment;
  4. Collect any excess due from you for the call out.

All requests for a repair must be made through Aigburth plumbing and heating . If you make any arrangements through any other person, we will not meet the cost of any claim.

Where a valid claim is made, we will pay all costs relating to the repair to the engineer. You are responsible for paying the excess when you request the repair.

Our commitment to you under this policy is (subject to the terms of this policy including the exclusions set out in section 4) to repair a breakdown, provided the cost of repair does not exceed £500 (including VAT charged at the relevant rate at the relevant time). We are not liable for any other loss which you may suffer as a result of any breakdown.


We do not cover

  1. A breakdown where the cost of repair exceeds £500 including VAT charged at the relevant rate at the relevant time;
  2. Any breakdown where the engineer is unable to repair the boiler due to the engineer being unable to obtain the spare parts required to complete the repair;
  3. The cost of a replacement boiler or the cost of labour to replace the boiler;
  4. Reoccurring or intermittent faults, where the engineer has previously attended and issued a report to Aigburth plumbing and heating stating the fault is not a breakdown as defined under the policy;
  5. A boiler fitted within a dwelling with more than 5 bedrooms or in a property which is not a private domestic dwelling which is your principal place of residence;
  6. Adjustments that would reasonably be expected to be made by you e.g. lighting of the boiler or re-setting of boiler’s time or temperature controls or the correct operation or routine adjustment of time or temperature controls;
  7. Any repair which requires the removal of asbestos in order to complete the repair;
  8. Clearing of airlocks, de-scaling or any work arising from hard water scale deposits, including de-sludging or the effects of mineral build up within the heating system which restricts the flow of water or results in corrosion within the system;
  9. Any repair to a boiler or its controls that has been on our excluded list since the issue date;
  10. Any defects or inadequacy attributable to the original design or method of construction or installation of the boiler or of the central heating system;
  11. Any part of the central heating system, other than the boiler and controls;
  12. The fabric of the home including pipe work or flue work buried in it;
  13. Any breakdown occurring from a failure or disconnection of public electricity, gas or water supply or from a gas leak;
  14. Flue integrity or repairing or replacing flues that aren’t part of your boiler;
  15. Breakdowns arising:
  16. from circumstances known to you prior to the issue date;
  17. while the home is unoccupied; or
  18. from any wilful or malicious action, negligence, misuse or third party interference;
  19. Breakdowns caused by your failure to carry out any remedial work or recommendations made by an engineer relating to a previous call out and the engineer told you and Aigburth plumbing and heating that remedial work should be undertaken;
  20. Breakdowns caused by accident, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, impact, subsidence or building works.

It is your responsibility to ensure the engineer can gain access to your home. If access is not possible we will contact you to arrange another appointment. We reserve the right to charge you a call out charge if there is no-one at home when the engineer attends at the pre-arranged time.

Once at your home the engineer requires full access to your boiler in order to assess the problem or make a repair. If full access is not available, for instance the boiler has been boxed in by a cupboard, you or the engineer will need to create access. If you want our engineer to do this, you will be asked to confirm it in writing while the engineer is at your home and the cost of creating access will be included in assessing the cost of repair. Please note that we will not be liable for any damage or redecoration required as a result of the engineer creating access to the boiler.

If you do not want our engineer to create access, we will be unable to progress your repair and will not re-attend until you have arranged for access to be made and the cost of repair shall be calculated on the basis of the combined assessed cost of the initial visit and the re-attendance.


Where you have opted to pay your payment by monthly or an annual direct debit Aigburth plumbing and heating  will collect your payment from your bank account on an agreed date and subject to the successful collection of your payment, we will provide the cover detailed in this policy wording. Cover will automatically continue until either you or we cancel the policy. A breakdown within the excluded period is not covered by this policy.

Where you have opted to pay by annual direct debit Aigburth plumbing and heating  will write to you four (4) weeks prior to the end date of your policy to confirm their intention to renew your policy. Aigburth plumbing and heating  is not obliged to offer renewal of your policy in-line with section 13 “Cancelling Your Policy”. Where your policy is renewed we will remove any excluded period from your renewal policy.

Should you fail to make a payment when due we will make a second attempt to make collection of your direct debit, should we be unable to collect your direct debit we will cancel your policy and cover will cease from the date the payment should have been made.


We reserve the right to use replacement parts of similar specification supplied from third parties instead of parts sourced from the manufacturer or their approved suppliers. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience resulting from a delay in obtaining or receiving delivery from the relevant supplier of any spares.

Where replacement parts have to be ordered we will keep you informed and when replacement parts are received, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time slot for the engineer to attend. You should make sure that the engineer can get access to carry out the repair. If we cannot get a replacement part needed to carry out a repair, our liability will cease and we will cancel your policy.

  1. The rights given under this policy cannot be transferred to anyone else;
  2. You must give full access to enable repairs to be carried out and follow advice from the engineer and/ or Aigburth plumbing and heating ;
  3. You must maintain your Boiler and Controls in good order;
  4. You are required by the provisions of the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act to take care to:
  5. Supply accurate and complete answers to all the questions we or Aigburth plumbing and heating may ask as part of your application for cover under the policy;
  6. To make sure that all information supplied as part of your application for cover is true and correct;
  7. Tell us of any changes to the answers you have given as soon as possible.
  8. Failure to provide answers in-line with the requirement of that Act may mean that your policy is invalid and that it does not operate in the event of a breakdown.

Should a fault occur that is not covered under your policy we may be able to arrange for an engineer to attend your home but you will be responsible for all costs involved. The use of this service does not constitute a call out under your policy.


Unless some other law is agreed in writing, this policy is governed by English law. If there is a dispute, it will only be dealt with in the courts of England or of the country within Great Britain in which your home is situated.

All communications and policy documents will be in English unless otherwise agreed.


We have the right to change the terms of your policy where we wish to change the terms of your policy we will write to you and tell you about any changes giving you not less than 30 days prior notice of the change taking effect.

We will not increase the amount of your payment more than once in any twelve month period except to the extent an increase in the rate of insurance premium tax affects the amount of your payment.


We are entitled to cancel your policy:

  1. By giving you at least one month’s notice of cancellation.
  2. Immediately if circumstances arise (including health and safety issues) which make it inappropriate for the policy to continue.
  3. Immediately if you have at any time:
  4. Given us false or incomplete information;
  5. Agreed to help anyone try to take money from us dishonestly; or
  6. failed to act openly and honestly towards us;
  7. Under the provisions of section 6, where you fail to make a payment.

We shall also cancel your policy in accordance with the provisions of section 1 where we are unable to repair the boiler or where a breakdown is not fixed because the cost of repair exceeds £500 (including VAT charged at the relevant rate at the relevant time) in which case you will be entitled to such refund of payments (if any) as is the lowest of:

  1. The payments you have made in the twelve months to the date of cancellation;
  2. The payments you have made since your policy was reinstated if you have failed to pay a payment when due;
  3. The payments you have made since the last repair was completed under your policy.

You may cancel your policy at any time by giving notice of cancellation to us. If you pay by monthly direct debit we will cancel your policy when you notify us, you will not be entitled to any refund. If you pay by direct debit less frequently, we will cancel your policy when you notify us and we will refund that part of any payment you have paid in advance which is proportionate to each complete month that payment was to have covered which fall after the date of cancellation.

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